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  • Meet our Team: Jenny Ramirez

    We’re lucky to have exceptional staff at Vibrant Health who are passionate about their jobs and the patients and community we serve. Today, we get to introduce you to Jenny Ramirez. 

    What is your job at Vibrant Health?

    I’m the site coordinator at the Argentine clinic. I maintain the workflow of the clinic, and make sure that everyone gets what they need. If providers or patients have questions, they can come to me.
    I’ve done many jobs at Vibrant Health over my eight years here… medical assistant, front office, interpreting, the pharmaceutical assistance program, and more. I’m bilingual and want to be able to use that to help others.

    What do you like most about your job?

    People are very pleased with the services we give them and they’re very appreciative. If it weren’t for our clinics, they wouldn’t have those services. The relationship that we form with patients are really important. It’s very genuine and meaningful.

    What should patients know about Vibrant Health?

    Patients should know that everyone is welcome; we don’t deny services to anyone. We have open doors to anyone who needs us, regardless of their circumstances or situations.

    Tell us about yourself!

    I have two kids, who are my hobby! We’re very focused on being with our kids when we’re not at work. Our yearly trip to Mexico to visit my husband’s family is also very important to our family.

    Best place to eat in KC? El Camino Royal (in Armourdale, close to Argentine) – authentic Mexican food.

    Author: Kristin Littrell

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